October 2nd, 2012 | By Travis Fisher

This is not as simple as it sounds… All shower glass is tempered (or laminated in special circumstances.) Tempering involves heating the glass (upwards of 850° F) to the point just before it becomes a flowing liquid. When the glass solidifies, all of the internal stresses have been removed. When broken, tempered (or safety) glass shatters into small fragments, that will not cause harm. Any un-tempered glass (some windows for example) break into shards, and have potential for lacerations.

Without proper vehicles, hoists, glass wraps and corner/edge protectors, your shower enclosure may wind up being a pile of a thousand tiny pieces of glass.

Shower Door King partners with a wide variety of manufacturers and contractors, including the following:

  • Cardinal Shower Enclosures
  • Century
  • CRL®
  • Glasscrafters
  • Portals
  • Guardian - Glass, Automotive, Building Products
  • Four Brothers LLC