October 2nd, 2012 | By Travis Fisher

…The most important part. Shower glass shouldn’t be handled by anyone without experience dealing with heavy glass. A standard 28” wide x 76” tall door is heavy. In fact, at 6.4 lbs. per sq. foot, a 1/2” thick shower door this size weighs almost 100 lbs! Applying silicone can be very tricky. Many former general contractors have turned into shower door installer. Unfortunately, they bring with them the practice of messy silicone joints, which can ooze onto your glass and tile.

A shoddy installation can make a perfectly measured, top-quality shower door look cheap.

Shower Door King partners with a wide variety of manufacturers and contractors, including the following:

  • Cardinal Shower Enclosures
  • Century
  • CRL®
  • Glasscrafters
  • Portals
  • Guardian - Glass, Automotive, Building Products
  • Four Brothers LLC