October 2nd, 2012 | By Travis Fisher

The perfect shower enclosure starts by gathering exact measurements. Measuring needs to be done after all tile/marble/granite in the shower opening is completed. Studs/Joists in homes are all bowed, twisted, cupped, warped… you name it. This is the nature of wood. Without the proper technique and experience, a poorly measured shower opening, becomes an ill-fitting enclosure. This may cause problems with water puddling on your floor, uneven gaps between glass and wall, mold, floor and structural damage.
When making a site visit, we measure your walls to 1/16”. Each pieces of glass is custom made. We will have the glass tapered (cut at an angle – for out of plumb/level conditions) or cut with an elbow

(< shaped – to accommodate for bows/cups). We will even cut “S” shape in the glass to assure your frameless shower enclosure fits your walls like a glove.

Shower Door King partners with a wide variety of manufacturers and contractors, including the following:

  • Cardinal Shower Enclosures
  • Century
  • CRL®
  • Glasscrafters
  • Portals
  • Guardian - Glass, Automotive, Building Products
  • Four Brothers LLC