Should I Do It Myself or hire SDK

February 20th, 2013 | By SDK

Having your shower enclosure installed by a professional is very important.

How Important? 

Can you answer yes to all of these questions?

Can you draw a perfectly horizontal/ vertical line on the wall and transfer the dimensions to a

shop drawing?

Do you know, what is the best mode to be set on power drill to make a hole in glass tile?

Do you know what silicon to use to waterproof your shower enclosure?

Are you able to move large and heavy glass panels without damaging walls and glass?

Do you know how to clean the silicon from the glass in case you made a mess?

Can you lift a sheet of glass weighing over 100 lbs?

I am not trying to outsmart you. I am just saying that there are more in shower door

Installations than people think… So my advice, leave it to professionals.

          -Courtesy of Mike the “Shower Door Wiz”,

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