“You truly put the customer in customer service with such finesse”

November 8th, 2013 | By SDK

You already know this, of course (!), but with you and Tracey as the collective masterminds, Tom’s magic, and Derrick and Jaime’s collective expertise, I am pleased to report that nary a drop of water has been on the floor since yesterday’s first shower!


I have assessed both my non-slob and slob sons’ after-shower habits and can’t for the life of me find any water ANYWHERE!!! 🙂


The project turned out to be as solid as a rock and as clean as a whistle.  It’s been a long journey since May and I’d like to, once again, thank you for the professional mastery with which you took this (and me!) on.  You had the fortitude and vision to see this through to a successful and complimentary conclusion.   Additionally, and I can’t say this enough, you clearly work with “the best of the best of the best.”


Thank you also for putting up with me and my book-style emails, my challenging and questioning your expertise, and ultimately sticking like glue with me to realize a successful conclusion.


Thank you for all of the time you invested in me and my bathtub/shower issues and for being bold, compassionate, and….right!!  I’m grateful that I ultimately trusted in your expertise and believed in you and your team.  You truly put the customer in customer service with such finesse, and I’m glad I was on the receiving end of this deal.


Shower Door King reigns supreme in the industry as far as I’m concerned, and everyone I know will definitely hear about it.




Another Satisfied Customer

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