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The old was very user friendly. Even still, we feel it is time for a change. Your will find the updated “free estimate” page, easy-to-navigate gallery and links helpful in designing your shower enclosure. Free estimates will still be returned in hours, not days, and the information on our site is continuing to grow. Let us know what you think. Do not hesitate to call or… read more

Oct 2nd


The perfect shower enclosure starts by gathering exact measurements. Measuring needs to be done after all tile/marble/granite in the shower opening is completed. Studs/Joists in homes are all bowed, twisted, cupped, warped… you name it. This is the nature of wood. Without the proper technique and experience, a poorly measured shower opening, becomes an ill-fitting enclosure. This may cause problems with water puddling on your… read more

Oct 2nd


This is not as simple as it sounds… All shower glass is tempered (or laminated in special circumstances.) Tempering involves heating the glass (upwards of 850° F) to the point just before it becomes a flowing liquid. When the glass solidifies, all of the internal stresses have been removed. When broken, tempered (or safety) glass shatters into small fragments, that will not cause harm. Any… read more

Oct 2nd


…The most important part. Shower glass shouldn’t be handled by anyone without experience dealing with heavy glass. A standard 28” wide x 76” tall door is heavy. In fact, at 6.4 lbs. per sq. foot, a 1/2” thick shower door this size weighs almost 100 lbs! Applying silicone can be very tricky. Many former general contractors have turned into shower door installer. Unfortunately, they bring… read more

Oct 2nd


Quality control is the biggest concern at Shower Door King. One of our team members unwraps each piece of shower glass for a thorough inspection.  We use a fluorescent light-box tower, in a dark part of our warehouse for inspection. This makes all tiny scratches, chips, and distortion stick out like a sore thumb. He then reject, polishes or certifies each lite of glass. This… read more

Shower Door King represents two manufacturers Century Shower Door and Glass Crafters Inc. Shower Door King works with companies like Ferguson, Noland, Union Hardware, General Glass, Miles Glass, Toll Brothers, Courtland Homes, Fairfax Interiors, Architects and Builders both large and small. Shower Door King will reach out to all of our clients in the area and travel to most locations in Maryland and Virginia, and… read more

Shower Door King believes it is the elite custom enclosure companys and a premier sales and installation company for high-end shower doors on the Mid-Atlantic Coast. Serving DC, Maryland and Virginia and representing Century Glasstec and GlassCrafters Shower Enclosures. Shower Door King does wall mirrors and an array of bath and kitchen glassworks for our customers in the Washington Metropolitan Area. We will design your… read more

Shower Door King partners with a wide variety of manufacturers and contractors, including the following:

  • Cardinal Shower Enclosures
  • Century
  • CRL®
  • Glasscrafters
  • Portals
  • Guardian - Glass, Automotive, Building Products
  • Four Brothers LLC